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Healthcare & Alternative Medicine redefines the concept of concierge healthcare. Our services include professional health and wellness care combined with extended personal visits to your preferred location, customized health plans, and more comprehensive services. As a client/patient, you will have a patient care Health Care Advocate who will manage all aspects of your Health & Wellness experience – including acupuncture treatment, nutritional and wellness consultation and massage therapies.

What is a concierge Health and Wellness service? It’s like having your own private healthcare provider on call. We're a small, limited  alternative healthcare service, that restores the physician-patient relationship with a very high level of personalized quality care and attention that respects your time and your own individual health concerns.

Concierge Healthcare is amongst the fastest growing health and wellness trends in the country - and with good reason. More and more people are choosing to take control of their healthcare with VIP personalized health and wellness services.  Unlike other concierge healthcare services, there is no membership fee or other associated costs.  

Concierge Health & Wellness at Healthcare & Alternative Medicine is a healthcare service that is available to all people and is extremely affordable. As a concierge client/patient, you will receive the following:

Individualized personal attention.

In-depth diagnostic analysis and consultation.

Acupuncture treatments that are both curative, restorative and preventative.

Massage Therapy – both therapeutic as well as relaxation modalities.

Comprehensive laboratory testing, including micro-nutrient analysis and entire health and wellness analysis unavailable from most traditional healthcare practices.

Health & Wellness consultation, including nutritional counseling, dietary analysis and meal preparation training.

Quality healthcare takes special preparation with a focus on the client/patient and their total service experience. Physicians and Health & Wellness practitioners, need the time to get to know their client/patients and to teach them about health and wellness practices, treatments, nutritional components, how to maintain and improve them. Sometimes it just requires the time to listen; to be there for a client/patient, provide an understanding and focus to determine underlying issues and to create a personalized approach to a curative therapy. Under today’s managed care-dominated medical system, this is not possible.

This is why I founded Healthcare & Alternative Medicine. I wanted to provide my client/patients a more comprehensive, thorough and personal care and treatment than today’s managed care systems and most physicians can provide.  Healthcare & Alternative Medicine is a unique and pioneering approach to “concierge” type health and wellness practices opening up nationwide to provide modern healthcare while allowing the healthcare professional the old-fashioned relationship with their patients many of us only remember.

Make an appointment to see just how we can help you improve you health, increase your vitality and construct a holistic lifestyle that will allow you to life a full, long and fruitful life.